How does Cartwheel Shopping work?

For every $1 spent at one of our participating online retailers, Cartwheel Shopping delivers 1 Free entry into the daily $500 giveaway.
Do I need to register to get my entries?

If you want to shop on the Cartwheel Shopping website, then basic information is required so that we may contact you if you win. Register here. If you are using the Cartwheel Shopping App, then no registration is required, and we will only ask you for information if you win the daily sweepstakes.
How do I make sure I get credit for my purchases?

To earn your free entries, you must be a registered user and shop through the Cartwheel Shopping program shopping mall. Just click on one of the merchants and you will be directed to their website. Once you complete a transaction with a participating retailer, that retailer alerts us, often within 5-10 days, and at that point, we apply the earned entries to your account.
How do I see my entries?

After you have made your purchase, check the Account Page on Cartwheel Shopping. It may take up to 10 days to receive your entries. Once they are applied to your account, you are then entered into the next $500 drawing.
How will I know if I win?

If you provided your email address as a part of the Cartwheel Shopping registration process, we will notify you via the email address provided. If you installed the Cartwheel Shopping app reminder, we will notify you using a drop down notice on your browser and request that you provide your email address so that we may contact you.
How do I receive my winnings?

Once your information is validated, you can choose PayPal or a check.
If I win how will I receive the $500 prize?

If you win the $500 prize we will mail the check to the address you provided us when you entered the sweepstakes. It is, therefore, important that you provide accurate contact information when you enter the sweepstakes and that you keep it current.
Cartwheel Reminder:
What is the Cartwheel Shopping App reminder?

The Cartwheel Shopping App is simply a tool to notify, or remind you that you will automatically receive entries when you shop at our participating merchants - even if you forget to start your shopping through the Cartwheel Shopping mall. The Cartwheel app reminder is a free download that works on Internet Explorer or Firefox. As long as you have the app installed, every $1 spent at one of our participating retailers earns you an entry into the next $500 guaranteed giveaway.
Will the Cartwheel Shopping App reminder install spyware, adware or malware on my computer?

Absolutely not. Cartwheel Shopping is free from spyware, adware and malware.
What operating systems and browsers is the Cartwheel Shopping App reminder compatible with?

Shop to Win works with Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows, and Firefox on Macintosh and Linux operating systems.
UnInstall Cartwheel :
How do I uninstall the Cartwheel Shopping App for Internet Explorer?

Go to the Windows "Start" menu, select "Control Panel," go to "Add/Remove Programs" and remove Cartwheel. Once you have removed it, please restart your computer.
How do I uninstall the Cartwheel Shopping App for Firefox?

In Firefox 3.0: Go to "Tools" and click on "Add-ons." Select the "Extensions" tab; Select "Cartwheel" and click "Uninstall".
In Firefox 4.0 (and newer versions): Go to "Tools" and click on "Add-ons." Select the "Extensions" section; Select "Cartwheel" and click "Remove".
Cartwheel Deal Spotlight:
Do you provide the products that are featured in the deals and coupons section?

Our merchandising team sources and publishes offers, and we connect you to the online retailers that provide the actual deals. All transactions and related customer support occur between you and that retailer.
Do I get entries when I buy a deal or use a coupon found on Cartwheel Shopping?

The $500 daily giveaway entries are applicable only when you shop through our mall at any one of our participating retailers. Entries are not applicable for products featured in the Daily Deals and Coupon sections of our website.
My question is not here. How can I find the answer?

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